Health Safety Security and Environmental Policy (HSSE)

We really emphasize security health issue and protection to environment. Like we care our quality and product quality, this element is one important thing in our
company operation. Very important for us to prevent accidents, taking care of surroundings and protect worker, customer and so on from injury. As such, had turned into one of the social responsibilities for engineering company like us to cater to it so that win trust customer and society. To fulfill this objective, all officer and employee has in directed to carry out respective duty is based on following policies:

  1. Security protection and environment
    • We are effort to ensure health and security and protect environment in every
      research level and development, they acquire, build and complete project and then
      submit it to result customer project able operating and has value security.
  2. No accident and injury
    • By controlling environment and state work safe and destroy all risk of accidents, we
      have tried strain every nerve to achieve situation where no accident and injury
  3. Environmental protection
    • We have strain every nerve minimize and maintain waste so that environment can be
      taken care and also can save natural resource power so that environment can be
  4. Obey rules and law
    • We observe all law and rule about health, security and environment.
  5. Education and training
    • We provide the education and training health, security and environment to our
      employee and those who are dealing with we to implement work efficiently and
      sensitivity how very important is the health, security and environment.
  6. Continuous improvement
    • We build and mould all security aspect in all company management system for each
      level of operations by protects environment and also constantly improving level and
      quality in our company.

TJ VISTA SDN BHD ensure all the officer and employee comply policy above